Welcome to the Goats ‘n’ Roses web site.

This home page is all about my herd of pedigree Boer Goats which was established 2003 to produce delicious prime Boer goat meat in a sustainable fashion.

The delicious Goats ‘n’ Roses Boer goat meat is available most of the year, kid meat from before Christmas until March and the processing dates, information and more you can find on my Goat Meat page.

If I have stock for sale, you will find details on my “for sale” page.

More to read about what we get up to, photographs and the Goats ‘n’ Roses blog can also be found on this web site, these pages are still under development.

Thank you for your visit and enjoy your browse…

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  1. Ellaadmin Post author

    Hi, I have male goats dedicated for goat meat. Please get in touch over the email form if you are interested. Thank you

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