And on it goes

I don’t think I have to say too much about the last two years and its challenges! And on it goes…

Personally the virus gave me some peace, at least from the resident biggots who carried on with their nastiness toward my animals and my self until the first lockdown.

So, I plodded on with my tunnels, fencing, trying to improve land and beast. And myself, it is quite shocking how the mental state affects physical strength and stamina.

Having set up my hub on top of the field, everything is steeper, more difficult, more expensive and more exhausting! But the biggest advantage is we are out of the way, the slope is free draining and I have a nice view.

I had to reduce the goat herd size a bit as the tunnels aren’t as big as the planned barn and I have to squeeze some tools and the fodder in as well. The goats are inside in the wet season, this winter it was beginning of Dezember, as there is nothing much to eat for them outside and the ground is wet. They do need some space otherwise they start quarrelling and bullying the youngsters. Every now and then it is a good thing to take out those who are not productive or are not thriving for whatever reason.

The sheep are doing well enough, they like bulldozing me over when I walk around with a bucket but they are greedy rather than starving I have to remind myself.

My laying hens are in lockdown again as the bird flu is plenty close enough. I converted an old grow tunnel for them, attached some wheels, so I can move them on onto fresh ground every now and then but they are still under cover. It does work well, so one day I can strengthen the structure, maybe build another one and expand on my laying flock.

Finally in December I went to the Kington Xmas food fair with my goat and mutton meat and also to Presteigne.

I am excited to say that I will be at the Presteigne Produce market regularly now, first Saturday of the month, plenty of opportunities to pick up some local prime Boer goat meat.

So, for now let me wish us good health for this year and the patience to work around and live with the virus. Lets hope we will find our new normal for our lives…