At last

After a two years struggle to start to set up an agricultural enterprise in a small farming village I seem to have got a result.

Resident nasty NIMBYs found open ears the county’s planning and other departments to block planning for an agricultural barn. Animal welfare doesn’t matter, lies and assumptions found open ears amongst the councillors.

It is found all over self importance and in their arrogance some people try to dictate what country folk can and cannot do. 

They don’t deserve too much time and space dwelling on this depressing matter, and most importantly, nice people have moved into the village, hopefully bucking the trend.

So, two years ago I acquired a small insulated goat tunnel to temporarily house my herd in the wet winters, kidding time and somewhere sheltered for the night.

They had outgrown their accommodation a while ago, I had nowhere to store hay, feed, tools and general stuff one needs for day to day chores.

Nevertheless we had to muddle on and payed the high price for very wet spells followed by freezing conditions, last winter and the current situation.

Luckily we have not been affected as badly as the North East of England by the inches and inches of rain, but it is devastating everywhere and the rain is getting rather boring for everyone.

In my desperation I had put up two more bigger tunnels for the stock, machines and fodder, in which the goats have moved a couple or so weeks ago. Their general health and well being is improving slowly and the goats seem to appreciate a bit more space for themselves. As soon as I had invested in the tunnels to safe my goats planning for a barn was granted!

This years kids seem to cope well outside in a little tin shelter, grazing the last of the grass. They will enjoy the outgrown goat tunnel, at the moment only occupied by one kitten.

Kidding will be late again next year, but at least we will have grass in the late stage of pregnancy and when the kids arrive.

When I moved my goats to this field I wanted to invigorate my rural enterprise I established 17 years ago. A lot has changed in all this time of ups and downs. Now I feel as if this is finally a new start, with new insights and ideas, with new enthusiasm and excitement of what we will make happen. 

May 2020 bring peace, love and light to all of us and may we find the courage and strength to change for the benefit of this beautiful planet and all living beings

Merry Christmas to you all