Boer Goat Meat

Goats ‘n’ Roses Boer goat meat is of finest quality, lovely texture and mild in taste, suitable for all sorts of dishes, a gourmet creation or a every day stew.

Whether you like it spicy hot, as a roast or in a soup, goat meat is something different.

Goats ‘n’ Roses’ goat meat is available most of the year, kid meat is available between Christmas and March. Kid meat is the meat from my Boer kids of the age between 9 and 12 month. Very popular meat in Mediterranean countries.

All my breeding and meat goats are 100% pedigree Boer Goats raised naturally outside and to the best of my possibilities sustainably.

Boer goat meat is of supreme quality, very different to the meat of other breeds of goat.

Goats ‘n’ Roses meat is always freshly picked up from the butcher and not frozen previously. However, I usually have frozen cuts in the deep freezer for you to pick up.

I made the conscious decision not to mail order. We are plenty of breeders all over Britain, so it makes little sense to me to post up North, East or South when there is a producer already. Also I am a small scale farmer / smallholder and I believe in  the vitality of local produce.

Order deadlines, Pick-Up dates and special offers are posted here and on my Facebook page.

The freshly butchered product can be picked up directly from the butcher, from the farm gate or we can arrange meeting times and points in Presteigne, Knighton, Kington, Pennybont / Crossgates or places on the way.

Payment via BACS or cash.


Goats ‘n’ Roses will be at the Presteigne produce market

Saturday February 5, 2022 

9:00 – 13:00h

come ant pick up some fresh British Boer goat meat

I will also have frozen home grown mutton and hogget available 😋




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  1. Victor Rajalingham


    Saw the countryfile program and was interested in buying goat me from you for personal consumption.

    You like to know how I can buy the meat and delivery method.

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