Goats ‘n’ Roses’ Objectives

The objective of Goats ‘n’ Roses is to produce prime Boer Goat meat sustainably of the land, to restore the farm to a healthy productive state with living soil supporting hedgerows and trees, producing goat feed, seasonal human foods and hosting wildlife.

goats in woods

part of my herd at Nant yr Hyddod, Cwmduad in 2011

Breeding Boer Goats traditional in size with the capability of growing and developing with what is growing on the farm with minimum grain input.

Growing goats on exclusively grass is not species appropriate nor is a high grain ration based on proteins imported from far away.

My breeding and farming goal is to be able to support the animals with the farm and the land with the animals. We humans will close the cycle of consumption and labour input.

At least for the biggest part. Other species on the farm will need partly¬†“imported” feed, but for that they have to earn their keep within the cycle and to for a symbiosis.

As we progress you will be able to read updates. Breeding plans span over many generations and years and it is a slow process naturally. So far my herd of Boer goats have adapted well to the wet climate in West Wales and we have overcome two major setbacks.




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