It’s going to happen!

Finally! After a lot of annoyance caused by ill behaviour from solicitors the deal is done, this property is sold, my new one is bought and very soon we will be on the road to install our selves on the new place of similar size.

I will be without internet connection for a while, so communication might be a bit interrupted, Facebook will be the best bet to get in touch.

Through the delay it is later in the year than I hoped for, I have to organise goat housing ready for the winter.

We will start from scratch in the beautiful countryside of Powys, an area I fell in love with 15 years ago when we moved down south from Scotland.

A bit weird is, that it is almost to the day 5 years since I have moved to Pinged. Full of hopes, excitement and plans. Things didn’t work out, so I give myself a chance to do it agin and better 🙂

For the goats here it meant survival of the fittest, I bought a buck 10 years ago, who passed on bad feet and a measly milk yield. Probably not a problem for those in drier parts of Britain who feed their Boers a lot of grain, but for me here in Wales it was a non-stater. Elsewhere in the world it has been known that these particular Boer goats pass on this unfortunate trait, so I had to make the very hard decision to remove this breeding from the herd. Second and further generation are much improved by different sires – luckily – my herd is now half the size of 5 years ago. Part cause of that is as well the constant onslaught of internal parasites on this wet ground.

So we leave all this behind, start a totally different husbandry system and move on. All the changes and progresses I hope to report on my blog here.

Looking around me at the moment inside and out, I am gripped by panic, because there is so much to do to up and go!

I better get going, leave it here and soon I’ll be back 🙂


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