The light at the end of the tunnel

More months have gone by, time seems to go quicker than ever.

I had a successful kidding, which means no real disasters, although at times a bit stressful as I started to go back to work when a few where still due. Night-shift and a relaxed attitude are not me!

Some of the kids where rather small at birth, but all by a few have caught up. My adults do a good job raising them.

kids sitting on hayrack

rest before action

It turned out there are resistances to multiple wormers which caused considerable trouble, but at the moment I seem to have it under control. Nevertheless it is a major concern, in this wet climate parasites thrive.

A while ago I made the decision to move again, which is a long drawn out business when land and livestock are involved. At last it seems to be happening.

The main reasons are the missing infrastructure here, my “local” abattoir is 45 miles away. a 1 & 1/2 hour trip one way. By the time I pick up the meat I traveled 180miles! More local abattoirs where just messing me about or did a sloppy job. With these huge distances involved it is very difficult to run a profitable business, not only because of the fuel expenses, it is also the  time spent sitting behind a wheel. To me as well sustainability is a main concern and I can’t really plead to buy local where the cut-off point is about 65 miles.

My animals don’t seem to be very happy here either, so since I love to please them 🙂 I thought to look for  newer and greener pastures…

Details will follow in further posts, I am a bit superstitious counting the chickens before they hatch.

Talking of which, after months of confinement the ducks and chickens can again enjoy their freedom and I was looking forward to some healthy happy and free ranged eggs. Non of the chickens seemed to be laying much until I spotted Gerald my Patterdale to going in the henhouse, taking one egg after another, enjoying a mid-day snack!

Well, I put an end to that…

Since I have made friends in this area, I will be returning every so often, so my valued customers will still have the chance to buy my Boer goat meat as before.

I plan a few changes in my system of keeping and raising them, but more about that later.

At the moment I enjoy watching the kids play inside and out since the summer doesn’t seem to be too bad so far…

kid standing up on side of wheelbarrow :)

Oh, hello!

One thought on “The light at the end of the tunnel

  1. M.

    Wonderful post…I think of you and forgive my silence..but sometimes tunnels are longer or the light is not sufficient to overcome..But ,Ella, you are a wonderful friend and there comes a time we will meet, laugh and cry..sharing losses and gains…

    LUV ‘n hug

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